Operatining Times

Core / Extended

Core Hours   9am – 3.30pm

Extended hours   8am – 6.00pm

Pre School

Pre School  

Morning session    9pm – 12.30pm

Afternoon session 12pm – 3.30pm

Extended hours      8am-6.00pm

Lower/Upper Prep

Lower and Upper Prep

9pm -3.30pm

Extended Hours

8am – 6pm  

Term Dates

Spring Term

All year children return on the 3rd Jan

Inset Day 7th January

Term Time Start 8th January

Half Term 18th - 22nd February

End of Term 29th March

Summer Term

Inset Day 23rd April

Term Time Start 24th April

Half Term 27th - 31st May

End of Term 5th July

Autumn Term

Inset Day 5-6th September

Whole School returns 9th September

Half Term 21st to 25th October

Last Day of Term 6th December

School closes on 12th December for all year pupil