Your child will grow and learn within a stimulating, caring, safe environment
The Pierhead Preparatory Montessori School
3-4 Shadwell Pierhead,
Glamis Road,
020 74810202

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“The school provides a rich curriculum and a nurturing ethos that foster pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development extremely well. The curriculum gives pupils an all-round education and prepares them well for life in modern Britain” OFSTED 2015


The Pier Head Preparatory School was established in May 2009.
Initially opening as a Montessori Pre-school registering to provide a Primary education in 2010. Our first Primary School admissions were opened in September 2011.























1. Our principal aim is to provide a happy, caring and secure environment for your child from 2 to 4.5 years (we offer a primary education please see website).  


2. Our structured Pre school programme is designed to stimulate and enhance your child’s educational and social development providing an excellent foundation for school and later life.  


3. We are committed to providing the highest standard of childcare/education possible.


4. To actively promote the development of a positive self image within the children.


5. To have ongoing involvement with the local community.


6. To create a non-sexist atmosphere by introducing appropriate toys, books and games to encourage equal development of both sexes.


7. To eliminate racism throughout the whole structure by: Welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policies practiced by the School. Thus providing positive images of different ethnic minorities and cultures.

8. To encourage participation of parents/carers within school life.  

9. To recognise that the child’s needs and safety are paramount and must override all other considerations.


Dr.Maria Montessori’s Aim was to help children attain their maximum learning potential, while becoming well balanced individuals able to cope with the emotional social and practical pressures of modern day living.



School Uniform

Pre- School


We follow both five areas of learning in Montessori as well as the seven areas of learning in EYFS. We find that with our qualified staff who know both curriculums that it is possible to work and achieve the goals within each area of learning.


Children are grouped according to age whilst also taking into account the child’s individual needs and ability. Your child will have a key teacher. This will be the person responsible for helping your child settle in to The Pre Prep School and then will communicate with you every day about your child’s progress and will be responsible for following your child, overseen by our Directress


Each class follows their own timetable, the day structured by the staff to allow free choice of activities within a planned and ordered environment

The children at our Pre School are encouraged to develop as individuals and to find their way in the community. Your child will grow and learn within a stimulating, caring happy, safe environment.





Schools operational times

Core Hours           9pm – 3.30pm

Extended hours   8am – 6.00pm


Pre School  

Morning session    9pm – 12.30pm

Afternoon session 12pm – 3.30pm

Extended hours      8am-6.00pm


Lower and Upper Prep

9pm -3.30pm

Extended Hours

8am – 6pm